Customer Portal FAQ

Customer Portal FAQ

Who is eligible to get an account?

Individual buyers or corporate buyers who have purchased Gamuda Land properties will be eligible to get an account upon signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

How do I sign up?

Click on the “Sign Up Now” button in the login page and follow the instructions on the screen.

What is the purpose of this portal?

To allow you to view your Gamuda Land property(ies) information, make payment online, update contact details and view your privileges as a Gamuda Land property owner.

What information do I expect to see?

Your Gamuda Land property information, outstanding bill amount, contact information and privileges as a Gamuda Land property owner.

Can I make payment using my credit/debit cards online?

Yes, Visa and Master credit and debits cards can be used for selected billing.

Can I make payment using online banking?

Yes, online banking payments can be made through most of the banks operating in Malaysia.

How do I update my correspondence contact?

You can update your correspondence contact from the “Update Contact” page in the top right corner of the portal.

Can each of my properties have different contact information?

Yes, each of your property can have different contact information.

Can I change my Login Email?

You are unable to change your Email (Login ID). You are required to submit your request to delete your account to and register again with a different email (Login ID).

How do I get refund?

You are required to send your refund request to Refunds are subjected to terms and conditions.


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