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Mindful Master Planning with Sustainability at Heart

Climate change is no longer a societal issue, but an existential threat. Safeguarding the natural environment and communities in which it operates, Gamuda Land has outlined the Gamuda Green Plan 2025, setting out clear targets for inclusive, sustainable development across its townships and communities, towards a greener economy and brighter future.

How will cities adapt to extreme heat?

Urban forests are critical habitats to reduce urban heat island effects and support biodiversity restoration in bustling cities. Beyond supporting a variety of species and habitats, urban forests contribute to essential services including water filtration and absorption, nutrient cycling, air filtration and noise buffering.

Helping low-income earners to help themselves

Subscribing to the Gamuda Green Plan 2025 and aligning to its ESG framework, Gamuda Land reached out to various groups of society that needed help. Besides helping to alleviate short-term needs such as food and daily essentials, Gamuda Land has also reached out to the Orang Asli community with programmes that help generate sustainable income towards addressing ongoing poverty and income equality issues.

twentyfive.7: A convivial, cosmopolitan community

Building on Gamuda Land's legacy in Kota Kemuning, twentyfive.7 complements the maturity of the surrounding community with cosmopolitan flair and urban sensibilities.

Gamuda Gardens: Elevating Klang Valley North

Nestled amidst the rugged, forested hills of Klang Valley North, Gamuda Gardens leverages on the natural beauty of its location with faithfully curated landscapes elevating the prestigious, mindfully planned residential enclaves of the 810-acre township.

Southern Klang Valley’s lifestyle retail and recreational transformation

As development in Klang Valley trends towards its southern growth corridor, a new centre of gravity has arisen in Gamuda Cove, a vibrant 1,530- acre township by Gamuda Land, which offers residents and visitors the commercial convenience of urban lifestyles closer to the city centre.

WNH: The New Productivity Paradigm Where Work Gets Done

Gamuda Land is applying the emerging post-pandemic concept that gives knowledge workers the flexibility they crave as well as a social space where work can get done: Work Near Home ("WNH").

Gamuda Land’s ‘Booster Shot’ in the arm for housebuyers

As the country is under the full movement control order to curb the spread of Covid-19, Gamuda Land is doing its part to bolster the national housing agenda.


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