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What homebuyers look for post-MCO

Caught unawares by one of the most devastating pandemic of the century, homebuyers are now adopting a wait-and-see approach towards uncertainties in the market.

Taman bandar pulihara alam

Melihat kepada kepentingan infrastruktur lestari, Gamuda Land (Gamuda) mewujudkan Dasar Biodiversiti Gamuda Parks pada 2018 bagi memastikan setiap pembangunan bukan sahaja memberi kesan baik kepada alam sekitar malah kehidupan penghuninya pada masa akan datang.

Creating towns that stand the test of time

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought massive changes to our daily lives, changes that happened rapidly and abruptly. While the situation remains uncertain with everyone continuously making adjustments to the new normal, it spurs us to rethink the definition of the place we call home.

Balance between people and the land

It has been more than three months since Malaysia cautiously entered the recovery movement control order (RMCO) phase but life has yet to fully return to normal and things might very well never be the same again.

Living In The Post-Pandemic Era

The movement control order (MCO) ordered by the government of Malaysia to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus has forced many to look into what truly matters in a home. Having to spend longer hours at home, people are naturally thinking about ways to make their home more comfortable.

A Town That Stands The Test Of Time

A town is a place where we live our lives, so making a good town requires detailed planning and careful consideration of the impact on the environment as well as the community who will call it home. Knowing this, Gamuda Land leaves town-making to no chance, adhering closely to its town-making principles that are driven by both data and experience.

Sustaining a good town

Today, the Malaysian town-maker and multi-award-winning developer has earned its stripes for Gamuda City in Hanoi and Celadon City in Ho Chi Minh City, which have become the symbols of excellence in property development overseas.

GAMUDA精心为顾客打造理想家园 twentyfive.7是你梦寐以求的安家之所!

作为马来西亚十大发展商之一的金务大置地(Gamuda Land),为顾客打造符合以上所有条件的理想家园,即是他们的宗旨,而金务大置地于2017年在哥打哥文宁(Kota Kemuning)发展的twentyfive.7——一个占地257英亩,结合工作、娱乐、学习、购物、休闲的综合性产业计划,就是金务大置地专门为顾客所打造的完美家园。


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