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Living in Sync with Nature

The Covid-19 pandemic is a reminder of the link between our wellbeing and nature, and the importance of ecological harmony in our development policies.

Kota Permai Greens Getting Quickly Up To Speed Following Extended Shutdown

Fears that course maintenance restrictions imposed during the Malaysian government’s Movement Control Order (MCO) would impact Kota Permai Golf & Country Club’s ‘s renowned greens have been quickly allayed.

You Can Now Keep Your Cash and Still Own A Dream Home in Gamuda Gardens

You can now keep your cash on hand, while still getting the keys to your new home!

Tarikan Menarik di Bandar TwentyFive.7

Kehidupan pastinya akan menjadi lebih menarik dan bermakna jika anda melihat dunia ini dalam ruang lingkup yang lebih luas.

Creating A Vibrant Township

Deciding where you and your family should live is a major decision that has a lasting effect on your living and lifestyle.

Jade Hills Rejuvenation Adds Value to Community

For Gamuda Land, being a township developer is not just about building. It is also about continuously enhancing and upgrading its townships to add value to the community.

Exclusive Deals for Gamuda Gardens’ Homes on Shopee

Gamuda Land makes clicking your way into new homes an easier possibility by offering enticing deals for Gamuda Gardens via Shopee.

Ola Penuhi Impian Kondominium Eksekutif

Projek kondominium eksekutif yang dibangunkan secara usaha sama oleh Gamuda Land di Singapura dikenali, OLA mendapat sambutan memberangsangkan meskipun di tengah-tengah ketidaktentuan ekonomi dan penularan COVID-19.


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