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Mid-Autumn 2019

Traditionally, mid-autumn is celebrated as a festival of reunion, where families and friends come together for the celebration. This year, we are taking this reunion to another level as we continue to celebrate diversity within our society. By embracing inclusiveness amidst our differences, we hope to empower people to grow as one community.

Jade Hills Strider Racing

Where’s the fun without a little friendly competition? Bring your children to join our Strider Racing event at Jade Hills, Kajang on 25th August 2019.

Tech Hacks That Make Life Better

As we interact with different gadgets every day, it makes perfect sense for us to explore how we can use technology to make life even better.

The Upside Of Vertical Gardens

What if you love greens but live in a city dwelling that doesn’t have the space for a sprawling garden?

A Passion For Green

At Gamuda Land, we build more than just homes, we create towns that work.

Tips for a Terrific Terrarium

Ever tried creating a terrarium? For those living in smaller spaces especially, this is a nice way to have your very own garden, which can literally sit on your table, counter top,in the kitchen, in the bedroom,or just about anywhere in your home.

8 Things you didn’t know about Gamuda Gardens

A good town should havemore than just great modernconveniences and amenities.It should have places thatare designed to bring thecommunity together.Places where you canreconnect with family,friends, nature or evenjust with yourself.

Leveraging 5G for smart cities

Last month, Gamuda Land and Maxis formed a strategic partnership to appoint the latter as the preferred connectivity and solutions provider to create Malaysia’s first Maxis-delivered fifth-generation (5G) township for Gamuda Cove.


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