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Taman Tema Air Interaktif

Sebahagian besar tarikan di taman tema air di Gamuda Cove adalah pertama di dunia.

Gamuda Cove water theme park breaks ground

Gamuda Land is aiming to open the 18-acre rainforest-themed water theme park at its Gamuda Cove township at Bandar Gamuda Cove here in Selangor by December 2021.

Gamuda Land partners Maybank to help more Malaysians own homes

Gamuda Land Bhd and Malayan Banking Bhd have teamed up to help more Malaysians own their dream house with the launch of GL H.O.M.E.

Maybank Islamic’s HouzKEY scheme for Gamuda’s HOME ownership

Gamuda Land and Maybank Islamic have teamed up to help more Malaysians own their dream homes under the latter's HouzKEY scheme.

Gamuda Land teams up with Maybank Islamic’s HouzKEY to enhance GL H.O.M.E

Gamuda Land and Maybank Islamic has teamed up to enhance the former’s GL H.O.M.E, or Gamuda Land Home Ownership Made Easy campaign with the HouzKEY financial scheme.

Towards a greener nation: Gamuda Land advocates better waste management through Gamuda Parks

Its sustainable landscape initiative, Gamuda Parks today announced Compost-on-wheels, a composting mobile truck aiming to empower communities with better food waste management and reduced carbon footprint by diverting their compostables from landfills.

Gamuda Land twentyfive.7 COLORBOND彩塗鋼板彰顯獨特品味

金务大置地(Gamuda Land)于2017年起在沙亚南哥打肯文宁发展的twentyfive.7,是一个占地257英亩的综合型产业计划,内容覆盖有地产业、无地产业、湖畔广场、办公楼、休闲餐饮区、水艺乐园、康乐园林、漫步跑道、脚车径及社区交流区等,发展总值高达43亿令吉。

Steel for modern architecture

twentyfive.7 in Kota Kemuning has been envisioned as a vibrant township, and with COLORBOND® its structures are not only beautifully designed and planned but are also able to stand the test of time.


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