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Gamuda Land partners with 3Q Equestrian for Gamuda Gardens

Gamuda Land has partnered with the 3Q Equestrian Centre (3Q Equestrian) in a bid to enhance the placemaking of its township of Gamuda Gardens in the Klang Valley North. The horse-riding facility is slated to open in April.

Our Own Tree-mendous Forest Park

Trees play an important role in our lives and development. Establishing an arboretum allows us to showcase Gamuda Park’s green database accumulated over the past 20 years.

3 Ways the Pandemic Has Impacted Our Future Living & Work Space

Pandemic has affected us in many ways, including converting living space into a home office. Exploring post-pandemic home design is the next step for sustainable living. Read more!

Future Living & Working: What Is Work-Near-Home and How Can It Benefit Us?

Work-near-home is the rising trend post-pandemic. This co-working & co-living space concept creates a growing community hub at shared workplaces. Find out the benefits here!

Enriching the biodiversity of Gamuda Cove

Gamuda Land – known for its track record in building sustainable townships in harmony with the surrounding environment – is set to enrich the biodiversity of the area with the Forest Park and Wetlands Arboretum at Gamuda Cove, initiated by Gamuda Parks.

Things to Know About Home Inspection During Vacant Possession

Home inspection is a must for buyers before moving in. Making sure that the property is in good condition with no defects is the priority. Learn more about the processes here!

What to Consider When Property-Hunting During the Pandemic

Consider buying a house in the midst of pandemic? Read more for some factors including price, investment potential & purpose of buying property to decide on your investment.

Planning a Post-Pandemic Future for Home Seekers

Known for creating developments that stand the test of time, Gamuda Land is investing time, resources and efforts to understand new and emerging trends towards a post-pandemic future. Backed by talents from various fields of expertise in property development, Gamuda Land has initiated GL Planning for The Future.


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