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Things to Know When Applying for Housing Loan in Malaysia

Are there other aspects of a housing loan application you’ve unintentionally overlooked? Here are some key aspects to consider when getting a home loan.

What Makes A Good Place?

With a notion that the heart of a good community lies in its people, culture as well as the land’s natural characteristics and ecosystem, Gamuda Land mindfully integrate placemaking into its town-making through a human-centric approach that emphasises on transforming public spaces to enhance community interaction.

How to Make Your City Home Eco-Friendly

With more people choosing to reside in the city, there is a need to encourage city residents to turn their apartment, condominium or landed residential properties into “green homes”.

Suburban Living: Connecting With Nature During the Pandemic

Undeniably, the pandemic has led homebuyers in Malaysia to consider the type of living environment most suitable for them.

How developer creates new era of eco-friendly cities with sustainable, smart homes surrounded by nature

Gamuda Land known for projects in Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia that feature central park areas and preserve natural hills, forests and wetlands

Take a tour of Gamuda Land’s Virtual Experiential Gallery

Developer Gamuda Land has launched its digital Virtual Experiential Gallery, built on a virtual reality platform, in 3D format and full 360° view.

金务大置地虚拟销售厅体验馆 看房买房一次过在线搞定

房地产商金务大置地(Gamuda Land)即日起正式启动创新的“金务大置地虚拟销售厅体验馆”(Gamuda Land Virtual Experiential Gallery)。

Gamuda Land perkenal galeri jualan digital

Gamuda Land Bhd, unit hartanah Gamuda Bhd melancarkan galeri jualan inovatif digital dikenali Gamuda Land Virtual Experience Gallery, pertama seumpamanya di Malaysia.


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Virtual Experiential Gallery Virtual Experiential Gallery