A good town brings you the best of both worlds.

Building a place for all,
Residences, parks and places to shop,
Bringing you the best of a nature sanctuary and a smart city.

This is Maya Bay Residences.

A perfect harmony between nature a sanctuary and a smart city.

Incorporating elements of nature with smart living technologies to create a seamless, connected lifestyle.

With 80 facilities and amenities and eco-friendly choices around the residence, Maya Bay is mindfully planned to fit the best of nature and technology - all in one place.

Smart Living in Smart Homes
Eco-Resort Living with More Than 80 Amenities & Facilities
Walking Distance to Discovery Park & Theme Park
High Level of Safety with 3-Tier Security
Eco-Friendly Reverse Recycling Machine & eziPOD
Seamless Commute Experience with Bikes, Shuttle Buses, Trams, Highways & Car-Sharing Services

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