We believe in bringing masterplanned towns that
bring communities to life.

For over two decades, we have been delivering innovative developments, creating sustainable township communities in Malaysia and across the region,

for flourishing families, thriving communities and future generations to come.

<em>Making a good town</em>

Making a good town

A town can mean different things to different people.

When we create great gathering places,
When we lay out the parks and lakes to open up to each neighbourhood,
When we apply architecture and craft beautiful streetscapes,
When we have a town square that draws people together,
We start to create a personality for the town.

So, when people move in and live there, they’ll experience something different:

A living, breathing community within a town.

Listening to what the<br />
<em>land has to tell us</em>

Listening to what the
land has to tell us

An important part of our master planning is listening to what the land has to tell us. Our land has blessed us with many resources – rolling terrain, beautiful hills, lush wetlands.

So, we are able to work with nature. We bring the water that runs off the land to flow it into natural ravines between hills to create lakes.

We preserve the hills in our towns so we are able to have hilltop homes just as we have lakeside homes. The trees that were there long before we came, we preserve them and only transplant if we need to.

As such, the essence of the place remains unchanged, only enhanced.

So, by listening to the land, it allows us to create enchanting opportunities.

When we get the places right,<br />
<em>the town works</em>

When we get the places right,
the town works

To make a town work, we need to get the places right. So, we think not only of the home place. We think of the work place. The play place. The shopping place. The park place. The learning place.

These need to be mindfully planned and thoughtfully put together. They need to be organised around a town square, often by a waterfront and having a promenade, to give the town a sense of place.

These towns provide people with the means to connect with one another, with nature and with themselves.

A good town<br />
<em>is a connected town</em>

A good town
is a connected town

A good town
is a connected town

Town making is not just about construction. To do it right, we have to think through the connectivity. There has to be an infrastructure masterplan that ensures easy accessibility.

Right from your home to the highway and all the neighbourhood stops in between. To virtually connect people to one another is just as important.

So the masterplan has to have the right technology solutions.

<em>A town is community</em>

A town is community

The common ground for everyone is the community, where people know one another, live together and look out for each other.
As a town maker, we are creating a place for everyone, from growing families, retirees to young married couples and singles.

That is why our planning principles – from the masterplan to architectural design – promotes connectivity to others and the community as well as indoor and outdoor liveability.

You will know your neighbours. Your streets are not just designed for cars because walkability and bikeability are just as important to us. When you walk out the front door, down the street and to the town square – we want it to feel comfortable and fascinating.

This is your community.