How we do things differently

In 2021, Gamuda Group unveiled the Gamuda Green Plan that commits the entire Group to sustainable construction and development with specific steps to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity by 30% in 2025, and by 45% in 2030, by the way of the four (4) pillars, compared to business as usual.

A town must stand the test of time

When we make a town,we think not only of what was there before us.We think also of what is yet to come.It is trying to do things better todayfor a better tomorrow.

It’s about using digitalisationto deliver smart home systems,and drive sustainable constructionusing digital IBS in a robotic factory.It means better precision and better quality homes.It also means we’ll have less worry of repairsand maintenance in the future.

This is how we look at the details.And how we plan for tomorrow.To make the town workfor the people who call it home.

To leverage on technology and data management to enhance Group-wide efforts in sustainable development.

A town must stand the test of time

Digital Industrialised Building System (IBS)

Gamuda IBS is an end-to-end digital IBS solutions provider, pioneering digital IBS adoption in Malaysia with the country’s first digital IBS facility. Automation, robotic construction and digital IBS on a cloud-based BIM platform is re-shaping the industry with greater creative agility, precision, speed and consistently high quality of finish.

40% shorter construction timeframes

Digital IBS runs efficiently on a BIM platform which dictates the robotic operations. It reduces construction timeframes by up to 40%.
Construction output as high as 10,000 houses per year, equivalent to 40 houses a day, with a sustainable digital ecosystem.

Reduces construction labour requirements

Digital IBS reduces construction labour requirements by as much as 50%, half of which will be replaced by digitally skilled local workers.
This means that dependence on foreign labour can be reduced by up to 75%.

Modular building designs and better quality homes

Gamuda’s Digital IBS creates better precision and improves quality of homes.
Lucent Residence, twentyfive.7

Flexible design

Digital IBS allows flexibility in design be it landed or high-rise
The Amber Residences, twentyfive.7

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