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Ebena Tower

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Bukit Bantayan


Developer License No.: (100-24/1202/1/1)/12-2018/05214
Validity Date: 06.12.2018
Advertisement & Sales Permit No.: (100-24/1202/1/1)/12-2018/04359
Validity Date: 06.12.2018
Land Tenure: Leasehold (99 years)
Land Encumbrances: Nil
Approving Authority Development & Building Plan: Kota Kinabalu City Hall
Approved Building Plan No.: BP/233/08.15/S/353/IV
Expected Date of Completion: 2019
Total Unit: 296 units
Selling Price: RM397,800 (min) - RM578,800 (max)
Bumiputra Discount: 5%