Tesla Malaysia signs Pavilion, Sunway, Gamuda, MRCB, Quill and Levn Capital for Supercharger rollout

By SoyaCincau20 July 2023News

Tesla Malaysia signs Pavilion, Sunway, Gamuda, MRCB, Quill and Levn Capital for Supercharger rollout

Tesla Model Y has made its official debut in Malaysia today and naturally, Supercharger was one of the main areas that Tesla covered during the launch event. The company revealed during the event that it has signed up with several local property developers for Supercharger implementation.

According to Isabel Fan, the Regional Director of Tesla, the list includes Pavilion Group, Sunway Group, Gamuda Land, Levn Capital, and Quill Group. Tesla Malaysia representative has also informed us that the MRCB is part of the list as well.

Since Isabel mentioned on stage that these partners already “committed, signed the contract”, this seemed to signify that the Supercharger implementation partnership is not just a simple Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement. She added that there will be more to come in the future as Tesla is currently forming additional partnerships.

Pavilion Group’s name does not come as a surprise since not only that Pavilion KL is the venue of the launch event, but it is also the first indoor Supercharger location in Malaysia. Featuring 8 charging bays, the Superchargers at Pavilion KL are not yet operational though as Tesla is still waiting for approvals from the authorities.

Levn Capital may not be as well-known as other names on the list but we found a rather interesting project on its website. Called Pedas RSA, the company claimed that it is the first flagship development under Electric Vehicle Charging Corridor (EVCC) and will feature 350kW EV chargers.

As mentioned in our previous report, Tesla has chosen an unnamed spot in Negeri Sembilan as one of the Supercharger locations in Malaysia. The exact location was not named but the pin was placed not far from the Pedas Linggi exit on North-South Expressway which seemed like a possible location for Levn Capital’s Pedas RSA.

Meanwhile, Sunway Group already have some experience with EV charging as several of its townships and buildings already have EV chargers such as Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Serene, and Sunway Iskandar. In addition to that, the company has also signed an MoU with Gentari and EV Connection to deploy EV chargers at Sunway-owned premises, commercial buildings and facilities throughout Malaysia.

As for Gamuda Land, the developer signed an MoU with TNB to build two Electron stations in Selangor by 2025 which signifies the company’s interest towards EVs. Quill’s relationship with EV charging infrastructure is not so well documented but its subsidiary Quill Automobile does operate several AC and DC chargers at the company’s BMW dealership in Petaling Jaya.

The same goes for MRCB although one of its landmark projects, Menara Shell was a certified Green building with dedicated parking bays for electric vehicles.